Reducing Pollution From Rail

Roughly three percent of the diesel exhaust in the Puget Sound region comes from locomotive engines, including passenger trains, line-hauls, and switchyard locomotives.

We help our rail partners reduce diesel emissions and fuel costs through:Graph of diesel emission sources.

  • Cleaner fuels
  • Repowering locomotives (replacing engines)
  • Retrofit technology (idle-reduction)
  • Upgrading engines
  1. Sound Transit Engine Upgrade
  2. Tacoma Rail Engine Repower

Sound Transit Locomotive Engine Upgrade Project

  • Description: Install engine upgrade kits on two Sound Transit passenger locomotives to bring them up to the cleanest emission standards.
  • Clean Air Strategies: Engine Upgrades
  • Air Pollution Reductions:
    • PM2.5: 2.3 tons per year
    • NOx: 34 tons per year
    • CO2: 22 tons per year
  • Project Period: Fall 2012 through Fall 2014
  • Funding:
    • $1,200,000 - Environmental Protection Agency
    • $1,480,000 - Sound Transit
  • Project Manager: Elizabeth Gilpin