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Several types of businesses and activities are required only to submit a Notification Form to the Clean Air Agency prior to initial startup. Generally speaking, these tend to include portable and/or closed-system equipment and processes, such as dry cleaners, rock crushers and spray booths. A complete list of these activities can be found in Regulation I, Section 6.03(b) (PDF). 

Complete the appropriate form below for your business operation and submit it to the Clean Air Agency prior to the initial startup of the source, along with a nonrefundable $500 filing fee.

If you are unsure which form you need, contact  John Dawson.

Other Compliance Notifications

Some notification requirements are not related to the Notice of Construction program. Additionally, some do not require fee submittals with the notification. If a fee is required, it is identified on the form. 

Again, if you are unsure of which form you need, contact John Dawsoni