Puget Sound Wood Stove Program


  • Our grant-funded program is now closed to new projects until late summer/early fall.
    • All program documentation for previously-approved Recycling Reward projects must be returned by mail, received no later than June 18, 2021. In-person deliveries will not be accepted at this time. 
    • We ask that you follow the State’s public health guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19
  • We will be applying for new grant funding and hope to re-launch a program in late summer/early fall 2021.
    • We continue to accept enrollments for the future Wood Stove Recycling & Replacement Program and can reach out to you when more details are available.
    • The program description below is for the program that ended in June 2021. The future program, eligibility requirements, options and incentives may change.

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Offered in King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties

If you have an old or uncertified wood-burning device, you may qualify for our Wood Stove Program. Learn more below about our current offering, if you live in an eligible program area, and what devices qualify.

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King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties

For a limited time residents of King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties can receive $350 for recycling their old, polluting wood stove.

Eligible devices include wood stoves and fireplace inserts (which are basically wood stoves made to be installed inside a fireplace) that are not US EPA certified or were manufactured before 2000. Also eligible are free-standing manufactured fireplaces (but not built-in, zero-clearance fireplaces), wood-burning furnaces, or residential coal-burning devices. Old device must be in working order but can be installed or uninstalled for the recycling reward. Indoor barrel stoves and trash burners are not eligible for the reward. The homeowner is responsible for removal and taking the old stove or insert to one of our recycling facilities. 


Snohomish County Only

Residents of Snohomish County wanting to upgrade to new, cleaner heat can instead opt to have their old wood stove or fireplace insert scrapped in exchange for a $1,500 discount to go toward the purchase and professional installation of new heating equipment.

Replacement options include electric heat pump; natural gas, propane or oil furnace; or natural gas, propane or pellet stove or insert. Replacement equipment must meet certain efficiency and/or emissions requirements. Work must be done by a program-approved heating contractor. No new wood stoves or inserts are allowed with the discount.

To be eligible for the $1,500 Replacement Discount, you must have an uncertified or pre-2000 wood stove or fireplace insert, free-standing manufactured fireplace, wood-burning furnace, or residential coal-burning device. Old device must be installed and operable in order to qualify.

Program Requirements

After enrolling, applicants must submit several photos of their old wood stove or fireplace insert to be reviewed for eligibility. Funding is limited; one project per household. The program is currently limited to homeowners or, in the case of rental homes, property owners. 

After receiving an Agency-issued coupon, qualified applicants will receive instructions from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency for recycling their stove and receiving the $350 reward. Recycling participants have 45 days to recycle their stoves at any of our four designated recycling facilities (one located in each county). 

After receiving an Agency-issued coupon, Snohomish County-only $1,500 replacement discount participants will have 45 days to schedule their clean-heating project and old stove/insert removal with a program-approved contractor. 

After the 45 days, recycling or replacement offers will be cancelled and offered to other qualified applicants, unless program staff have been contacted and approved an extension.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at woodstove@pscleanair.gov or 206-343-8800.

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