Youth Vote for Environmental Justice

The YMCA of Greater Seattle's Earth Service Corps is youth-led program that empowers students to take a hands-on role in creating a healthier environment in their schools, communities and region while nurturing a respect for diversity within the natural world. Each year, the Earth Service Corps holds their annual symposium, bringing together high school-aged environmental leaders from around the region. The youth have the opportunity to select workshops relevant to their interests, including the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency's workshop titled “A Breath of Fresh Air: a Citizen Science Approach to Clean Air”. 

Thirty participants attended the workshop where they learned about air quality and environmental justice. We also showed the students how to build a filter-fans and how this is can be a resource for creating cleaner indoor air. The students showed genuine interest in environmental justice and how it relates to their differing goals, interests, and backgrounds. The workshop ended in a rousing rock-paper-scissors tournament for the grand prize of their very own filter-fan to take home. The students’ interest and engagement in air quality issues and climate change was encouraging and hopeful in our efforts to create cleaner air for all. 


By Kelly O'Callahan, Air Resource Associate