Sources of Diesel Pollution

The majority of diesel exhaust in the Puget Sound region comes from goods and people movement and are broken down into the following four transportation sectors:

  • On-road vehicles
  • Off-road equipment
  • Marine vessels
  • Rail locomotives  
  1. On-Road Vehicles
  2. Off-Road Equipment
  3. Marine Vessels
  4. Rail Locomotives

Truck and highway at sunsetThis sector consists of trucks, vans, buses, waste haulers, and emergency-response vehicles.

Diesel emissions from on-road vehicles can be reduced by:

  • Replacing diesel vehicles with:
    • Near-zero-emission vehicles (propane, renewable natural gas) 
    • Zero-emission vehicles (battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell)
  • Employing best practices
    • Regular engine maintenance
    • Matching the right-sized vehicle to the right application
    • Route planning
  • Switching to cleaner fuels, like renewable diesel and/or biodiesel