What tests are needed to comply with the rules?
  • All stations need to have a pressure-decay test every six months.
  • Stations with vapor-balance systems need to have a complete set of tests every year instead of every other year.
  • A tank torque test must be included in the complete set of annual tests.
  • The tank-tie test must be conducted at least once, or after any tank configuration changes to show the tanks are manifolded.
  • All new or complete replacement of Stage One or Stage Two equipment must file a completed notification form with the Agency. Installations will need a specified set of tests prior to operation.

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3. What tests are needed to comply with the rules?
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5. Can I resume full operations at my station if any of the tests fail?
6. How long will I need to keep test reports?
7. Who is responsible for notifying the Clean Air Agency that the testing was completed?
8. What is the agency's position on the new EPA guidance for removing Stage II vapor control systems?
9. Why am I required to hire technicians who are certified?
10. Where can I find a list of certified technicians registered with the Clean Air Agency?
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