Why does the Agency care about these facilities?

We are charged with preventing, reducing and controlling emissions and exposure from significant sources of air pollution. If facilities need meaningful emission controls to prevent them from being a nuisance to the public, we take that responsibility seriously and want to work with producers and processors to identify the methods and means to achieve the common goal of “no nuisance impacts.”

We care about the actual or potential emissions that may come from these facilities for producers and processors. Our current understanding is that the producer (i.e. grower) and processor operations produce a significant amount of odorous emissions which may cause nuisance impacts off site if they are not properly controlled and managed. Colorado is working through similar issues to those faced in Washington and has shared some guidance regarding some odor control practices.

We have coordinated with other local government agency representatives and visited some early licensee sites to understand what types of activities are involved in these operations. This has confirmed the potential for odorous emissions.

Our focus is on the producers and processors for this industry, not retail facilities.

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1. What are the agency’s general regulatory requirements?
2. Why does the Agency care about these facilities?