Why are the Health and Instant views different?

The Health view is an estimate using averaged particle levels. This gives a better estimate of your health impact that instant air quality levels.  The Health view is updated once an hour. The Instant view is minute data and is updated once a minute, though it may be up to 10 minutes behind the current time. Sites can experience much higher or lower particle levels for a few minutes than the level shown for their average in the Health view. Use the Health view to determine the effect of the pollution on your health and what actions you should take to protect your health. Use the Instant view to see what the particle level is right now. The Instant view can be very useful when conditions are changing rapidly, such as during a wildfire smoke event.  However, for other events, the Instant view may be short-term in nature, and you should check back to see if levels have improved.

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2. Why are the Health and Instant views different?
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