Rules & Requirements

Businesses that perform small-scale auto body spray coating outside of a spray booth must follow regulations designed to minimize their environmental impact. The important features of these regulations address mobility requirements and the size of allowable repairs outside of an exhausted spray booth.

These rules and regulations are summarized in the table below.

Rules & Requirements by Topic

Rules apply to mobile spray coaters operating in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties.
Registration Applicators m​ust register with the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.
Certificate Provide a copy of your current registration certificate to customers before starting work at a site.
Enclosure Painting must be performed inside a portable shelter with a roof and 3 sides. The shelter must be removed at the end of each day.
Duration Do not paint for more than 5 consecutive calendar days or more than 14 days during any calendar month at any one site.
Paint Volume
Do not apply more than 8 ounces of coating to any single vehicle.
Surface Area
Do not prepare a surface area for spray coating or apply spray coating to more than 9 square feet of any single vehicle.
Equipment Use only HVLP spray guns or equivalent.
Minimize Emissions
Collect solvents used for cleanup in a contained system. Keep paint and solvent containers closed except when using. Store solvent rags in closed containers.
Signage Post a sign visible to the public that includes your company name and telephone number for complaints.
Complaints Investigate all complaints within 1 hour of receipt. Correct problems or shut down operation within 2 hours of complaint.
Records Record each customer's name, address, and the date time, and name of persons making record entry. Keep all records for 2 years and available for Agency review.