Outdoor Burning Alternatives

Fines for illegal fires typically start at $2,000 plus the cost to reimburse the fire department for their response efforts.

It’s always illegal to:

  • Burn trash
  • Use a burn barrel
  • Smoke out your neighbor

Taking a match to your yard waste may seem like an easy and efficient way to dispose of your clippings and trimmings, but burning yard waste is illegal and unhealthy. Smoke from these fires contains pollutants like fine particles and toxics which can harm your health.

Consider these planet and people-friendly alternatives.

Chip it

A chipper or shredder converts your branches and yard waste into useful mulch or the perfect compost pile.

Compost it

You can convert dead leaves and grass clippings into healthy food for your plants and yard rather than polluting the air. Composting is a convenient and affordable way to manage yard waste. Kitsap County has some great information about getting started on composting.

Curb it or Drop it Off

Curbside pick-up of yard waste is convenient, affordable and increasingly available alterative to burning. If curbside services are not in your area, consider dropping off your debris to a recycling center in your community.

For more information visit the King County website.