Annual Fees

Although businesses contribute a much smaller percentage of air pollution than they did 30 years ago, regulations are necessary to ensure we maintain those gains.

We regulate heavy-industries like cement plants, foundries, industrial boilers, and asphalt plants, as well as many smaller businesses that individually may not emit large quantities of air pollutants. Cumulatively,  small businesses like gas stations and spray-coating facilities can have a major impact on our air quality.

We also regulate activities that generate odors which could be a nuisance to neighboring communities. These include commercial composting facilities, animal rendering plants, and even coffee roasters.

Paying Your Fee

Your annual fee pays for agency regulatory activities and reflects the estimated level of effort for us to ensure compliance with air quality regulations. We do not issue registration certificates. Your invoice copy and cancelled check or online payment receipt is your proof of payment and renewed registration.

To pay your Puget Sound Clean Air Agency annual registration fees, you will need:

  • Your registration number and your invoice number. (Find these at the top of your printed invoice or request a copy)
  • A credit card. The Agency accepts all major credit cards.
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome as your browser.

When you are ready, Pay Your Annual Registration.