TREE Project

Community Monitoring | Trailer for Researching Environmental Equity (TREE)

This is a project to increase community-directed air monitoring and interest in air pollution, especially in areas that are overburdened. This is from a 3-year grant funded by EPA and Inflation Reduction Act funds. 

The trailer will serve as an air monitoring center, equipped with research-grade air monitors. Community members are invited to meet at the trailer to have discussions about air pollution and join walking tours where they will have handheld air monitors to “branch” out from the TREE and explore the neighborhood.  


Who’s involved?

King County International Airport Community Coalition, Washington Build Back Black Alliance, Duwamish Valley Youth Corps, University of Washington, and the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. More partners will be involved as the project develops. 

When may we see the TREE in the Community?

All our partners are working together to identify the timeline now. You can expect to see the TREE in late 2024. 

What will we be able to do with these monitors?  

The trailer will be equipped with monitors to measure fine particles, black carbon (“soot” from diesel exhaust), ultrafine particles, possibly nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other toxins.  

This will be community-directed so based on the interests of the community, we could explore trends in air pollution and identify pollution sources. The equipment on the trailer is ideal for identifying types of transportation pollution. This includes sources of diesel exhaust, including trucks, cars, airplanes, trains, and other transportation pollution sources. 

We will share results and resources in accessible formats, including in multiple languages, to ensure all community members can use the results.   

Why does the TREE focus on transportation sources?  

Diesel exhaust contributes to 90% of the potential cancer risk from air pollution sources in the Duwamish Valley and is, therefore, a priority. There may be some flexibility in seeing what options are available if there’s interest in other specific pollution types. 

Where are the monitoring locations?  

We will monitor in the Seattle Chinatown-International District, Seattle Central District, Seattle Duwamish Valley, and Lakewood. After the grant period is over, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency will invite additional communities to apply for the monitoring trailer to come to their neighborhood.


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